The Concensus on Zoloft

I’ve been on it for exactly a month now, so I can see more the difference it makes.  And it’s still a big one!  I was driving home from the store today and it was only 12:30, and I felt all happy about the rest of my day and thought “Oh, when I get home I can check out B’s book bag thing he brought home from school with him, and I will snuggle and play with M, and I will write some thing, and I have to do this and that…”  It’s such a blessing to be able to feel that way, it almost makes me want to cry that I can!  Like every day is exciting.  Before when I noticed it was only 12:30 I would’ve thought, “AGHHHOERHEHKJNKJDVNKJS I still have FOUR HOURS of being home with kids by myself and I cannot deal with it anymore!”  And the days just seem so much more calm and relaxed now.  Because my brain is calm and relaxed.

The only negatives I can say for the Zoloft are the side effects, but they’re worth it.  At first I was taking it in the evening and it was keeping me up at night.  Like I’d wake up at 1am and feel untired and unable to get back to sleep until 2-3am every night.  Annoying.  So then I started taking it in the morning.  That fixed the night problem, but now it does weird stuff to my appetite.  Like the first half of the day I feel hungry, but not like eating.  Then in the late afternoon I feel starving/sick but my stomach hurts so I don’t want to eat yet.  Then by the mid evening I feel better and like I can eat dinner.  It’s the same every day, meh.  Although it has made meal planning and dinner making harder since food rarely sounds good.


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