I started this blog as “Waiting for my Sunshine,” to help me work through the process of trying to have a second baby.  We had our son naturally and with no real trouble aside from one miscarriage before him that we had no reason to think was more than a fluke at the time.  We waited through 3 long and difficult years and 4 more heartbreaking losses before conceiving our daughter, which we did with the help of an amazing RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) and the miracle of IVF.  That time also showed us just how much of a miracle our son is, too.  While I was struggling through that process with only God pulling me along, I thought blogging about it would be therapeutic for me and could be helpful for others who may be experiencing something similar.  Miscarriage and infertility are taboo subjects it seems, and I think it’s important to not hide those struggles so those going through it don’t feel so isolated and those not going through it are aware of those who are.  I finally got up a Links page you can check out for some places that I found support and inspiration.  I also have a Scriptures & Quotes page, which is where most of my inspiration came from, and a new Images page which has some inspirational words and pictures too.  You can read my full story here, in my first post.

Now that our daughter, M, is here, I’m no longer waiting!  I still enjoy keeping this blog, so figured in this new phase I’d take it another direction and blog about parenting and kid-related topics along with my personal journey.  And the experience I went through to have M will never be over, it changed me a lot and taught me a lot about life.  It still causes me struggles I have to live with every day, and I will always love and miss the babies I’ve never got to hold or meet.  But I am now in the process of healing from it, and enjoying the baby I’ve waited for for so long. 🙂

five candles

My Babies:
#1 08/01/2007 (BO), EDD 03/15/2008
#2 B, born 06/17/2008
#3 08/04/2009 (BO), EDD 03/20/2010
#4 05/25/2010 (BO), EDD 01/11/2011
#5 M, 12/10/2010 (Tetraploidy), EDD 07/11/2011
#6 05/31/2011 (CP), EDD 02/07/2012
#7 M, born 11/12/2012
#8 06/28/2015 (CP), EDD 02/29/2016
#9 11/07/2015 (CP), EDD 07/08/2016


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