Third Trimester!

28 weeks stars today, 12 weeks to go, which is like… under 3 months.  Still seems a long way off, but it’s getting close to the time where the real preparation has to start.  Mentally I’m going until school starts, then I’ll have almost 2 months to do stuff like wash clothes, prep diapers (which, um, haven’t been purchased yet), and make freezer meals and padsicles.  Oh, and I knew I was forgetting something–mentally prepare for birth!  Kind of important.  I’m sure I have my affirmations from M around somewhere to read, and other than that I’m aiming to do the same thing I did with her and have everything go awesomely.

There are still a couple of things we need to get, too, but nothing pressing aside from diapers.  Swaddles (I’m determined to actually use them for once and have it help him sleep), burp cloths (aka cloths to catch all the milk that leaks out the side he’s not eating on for the first 2 months), nursing pads, and would be nice to get new baby towels and wash cloths.  The ones we have are from B and so old and used they’re basically sandpaper.  I’m sure there are a few other small things, but whatever, no big deal to get them as I think of them even if he’s already born.  Ah, it’s nice to not care about stuff.

Baby A is generally a pretty active dude, although the placenta moved posterior early in the second trimester so I can also feel everything up front like I could with M.  But like B was in utero, A doesn’t change positions.  His butt is always to the right and his feet to the left.  Sometimes he twists just slightly so his feet are forward, but not as often.  He gets hiccups frequently still, sometimes he annoys himself, ha.  He’s seemed noticeably bigger lately and his movements have gotten noticeably stronger in the past week to where it can feel uncomfortable when he pushes and shifts around.  He sure likes to be low, though.  His head is always in my hip (usually the right one), and so it gets uncomfortable quickly to sit up straight.  Oh, and I swear he loves food.  Like he gets excited often judging by his sudden wiggles as soon as I start eating something or even before it even gets to my mouth! Silly kid.



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