Update at 25 1/2 weeks

I see that I never posted anything after we had the 20 week ultrasound.  Probably because I’m so dang tired most of the time!  Today is no excuse, I had a very exhausting and stressful morning being out and about with kids who weren’t listening (because they’ve had enough summer now, why isn’t school starting yet?!).

gender announcement 2us 20w2d - Copy

We were very excited to find out that New Kid is a boy!  It took M a few weeks to not occasionally whine about it and say she wanted a “sister baby,” but she seems good now and I know will be after she gets to meet “brother baby.”

Everything looked good at the ultrasound, and has been good in the appointments I’ve had since then.  He was measuring a week ahead by weight (was already nearly 15+ oz. at 20w2d), so will be interesting to see if he’ll be much bigger than B (7 lbs. 6 oz.) and M (7 lbs. 3 oz.) at birth.  I don’t know what they measured at 20 weeks.

I’m doing ok.  I’m really hot all the time (stupid summer) and get tired and sore quickly when trying to do stuff around the house, so I can’t consistently keep up with normal chores and haven’t been able to do the extra projects I’ve wanted to do like at all.  Other than that no real physical pains or difficulties at this point.  I had wanted to do prenatal pilates this whole time, but I get low blood pressure symptoms really easily the last few weeks and just can’t, so I’ve been sticking to yoga whenever I think of it and have had the energy to clear a space off on the floor…

For the most part I don’t worry a lot about anything going wrong.  It helps to be past the viability point and the chances of him surviving especially without issues if he had to be born increase by the week.  But I still will get anxious if I’m not feeling as much movement one day as I did the day before, etc.  It seems like A (yes, he has a first name at least) still likes to be crammed down low as much as he can.  His head is often pushing against my left hip and he punches/elbows a lot down there.  Before his feet were always over to the right, but in the past few days I think he’s moved a bit more vertically so the movement I’m feeling has changed.  He doesn’t seem to like to stretch out, or maybe I’m too early to be feeling lots of stretching?  I don’t remember!  I can feel his tiny pokey feet sticking out under my skin on occasion, though, and he’s been getting hiccups fairly often since 20 weeks.

I had an appt. with the midwife this morning.  It took a few second to find his heartbeat because he was moving.  I could only feel occasional pokes way down low at the time.  She said it sounded good.  Instead of going back in 4 weeks at 29 1/2 weeks, I’ll go back in 3 weeks and come in early to do the GD test.  Ew.  Then I’ll be on to 2 week appts.  Crazy to think the third trimester is only 1 1/2 weeks away, but I so wish the end was much nearer so I could have him on the outside now!  B and M are excited too and ask and talk about him often.  M even gave him a kiss the other day, aww.


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