TWO Years Old!

I’m a week late, but on the 12th M turned 2.  What up with that?  I guess I haven’t written about it because I really am not in the mood for thinking and writing lately.  Too stressed out all the time!

So here is a bit about 2-year-old M:

  • She’s quite the talker.  She somehow knows the word for almost everything and speaks in complete sentences regularly.  She also pronounced a lot of things pretty much as cutely as possible.
  • Her favorite toys are dolls and toy food.  She has always loved to pretend she was cooking or having a tea party and she will spend most of her playing time doing this.  Her dolls (her stuffed Ernie and her “toddler Elsa” doll) she must have with her to go to sleep, and I made her a doll-sized mei tai that she likes to wear them in. 🙂
  • She loves to color!  She could color all day.  In fact, she used to try and she colored on EVERYTHING.  There is crayon on like all of the walls that I haven’t tried to get off yet, meh, but when she colored on the TV screen she was cut off from crayons until further notice.  But whenever B is doing his homework, she sits at the table with him and colors.
  • She loves her brother!  She copies everything he does, loves to sit next to him in the chair and watch videos or games, and loves to play with him–except when he starts grabbing onto her and not letting go of her, in which case she will scream bloody murder.
  • She’s pretty dramatic.  She cries way harder than seems necessary, makes the best grumpy face, and when I tell her she can’t do something she wants to do she starts yelling things she wants. “I want Daddy! I want a banana!  I want to watch Shaun the Sheep!”
  • She loves Shaun the Sheep, Elmo, Thomas, Frozen, Peg + Cat.  She loves to sing and for the last few days always wants me to play a specific aria sung by Joyce DiDonato (one of my favorite opera singers). (OMG I tweeted about that the other day and Joyce DiDonato actually responded to it BEST DAY EVER).
  • She’s a little turkey.  She gets into stuff she’s not supposed to, then when you go to stop her she’ll run to the other side of the room to get into something over there.  She plans it, I know it.
  • Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and broccoli.  She eats lots of other stuff, but those she will eat tons of.  She doesn’t eat tons of anything else, it really seems like she hardly eats anything and instead still plays with her food and makes a giant mess.  Ugh.
  • She won’t sleep well if she’s not touching me still, nor is a big fan of being out of my sight.  She’s still pretty clingy… has to stop sometime, right?!
  • She loves snow.  Unfortunately she also loves to take her socks, boots, hat, and mittens off.
  • She loves to brush her teeth!  She’s always trying to sneak into the bathroom to do it on her own.
  • She is such a goofy kid!  She has such a bright, joyous smile, and purposely does things to be silly and funny.  It brightens your day!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aimee
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 23:05:18

    She’s absolutely gorgeous! And oh the personality she shows in those pictures…love it. Wish I kept some sort of a record like this. Maybe it’s not too late. What a blessing she is in your life!


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