Answered Prayers

I’ve had the draft of this post sitting around for a long time, and want to finally get it out there!  I’m awed by all the ways God answered prayers about M-related things.  I’d been meaning for awhile to make a list and share them, even before I wrote this draft.  Some were specific prayers, and some were things that weren’t that important in the scheme of things so I only occasionally prayed them as an “if” or just held them in my heart, knowing God knows the desires of our hearts anyway.  So, the list:

  • M is a girl
  • I had a full night’s sleep before labor started, so was well-rested which made a huge difference.
  • My active labor was fast (4 hours).  I had only prayed for 10 or less (after B’s 21 hours), I didn’t dare imagine it could be that short!  It’s even marked as “precipitious” in my medical record.
  • I had the unmedicated birth I wanted… even at the point I was only at 6cm and suddenly felt like I was going to die and caved and asked for an epidural, within 1 contraction I was at 9-10cm so it was too late.  God rushed things along for me!
  • I was terrified of the pushing part after the trauma of B’s, but M came out in 2-3 pushes, even though she was also posterior like him.
  • From the second she was born M wouldn’t sleep unless I was holding her, so I’ve been able to have lots and lots of M snuggles these last 15 1/2 months!
  • Speaking of snuggles, B has never been a snuggler, even as a baby.  Never wanted to come sit on my lap or anything.  M grabs a toy or two and comes to sit on my lap frequently.
  • The first few months M was such a distractable eater and didn’t comfort nurse like B always had, so I began to have lots of anxiety that it would cause me to get my period back much sooner than I hoped and that she’d wean herself much earlier than I hoped.  But then one day in the midst of that it all stopped and she started to need and want the comfort aspect, so both of those worries are gone.  And I still don’t have my period back, but I’m now in a place where I feel like when I do have to start dealing with that again, I can handle it and not feel so anxious and afraid.
  • Her personality is so perfect after all we went through!  She’s so upbeat, joyous, and entertaining.  She smiles and laughs often and easily, and it’s just the happiest thing you’ve ever seen or heard.  After how easy-going of a baby B was, I figured we’d have a high-needs baby next… but in some ways M has been even easier!  (In others, not, but still not hard!)
  • Also about her personality–M does not run around like a crazy kid.  She can sit still sometimes, and she’s a watcher–like I think we’ll actually be able to take her to the zoo or fair and she’ll LOOK at the animals.

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