I hate to be excited about “stuff” since “stuff” isn’t important, but when you never get to buy “stuff” then it’s pretty darn exciting.  We’ve spent the last 4 years or so where our splurge when we have a little extra cash is not getting the dollar menu on Sunday after church, but getting things that are more than a dollar.  Or maybe on rare occasion even go to a sit down restaurant but get water so it’s cheaper.  And in the clothes department, we’re as bare as we can be pretty much.  I don’t like to have too many choices, so it works out.  But I’m all like… I have one pair of pants, I don’t need another.  B has 4 shirts, that’s enough for a week.  My shoes aren’t falling off my feet, so I don’t need new ones.  I did bring myself to buy a second pair of pants once because they were on clearance at Target for $8.  It made me feel anxious!

So anyway, then whenever we’ve gotten our income tax return the last few years we’ve had to spend it on non “stuff.”  Like IVF, a second/dependable car, and a root canal.  Recently we received some estate-ish money, and while we did pay off a few small things with it, we took 75% of it and bought a new TV, a tablet, and some much needed clothes!

And I’m excited!  Especially because we got like $440 worth of clothes for $192.  (So still have enough left over I think we can get a new printer we need if I’m going to get my etsy shop up… more on that later.)  Outlet mall for the win!  Especially Columbia, we made out like bandits at that place.  And while I was unable to find any wintery shoes I liked/were my size, I got a fleece jacket and 2 shirts that I love and that aren’t too short like almost every shirt ever created!  I got a winter hat too since I’ve otherwise had the same one since I was 13, some new jeans, and some yoga pants.  Jeans and shirt for N, shirt for B (that says “Serious Dude” because he is), and 2 pairs of tights and some bigger jammies for M.  And the other day I ordered her a Matilda Jane dress that was 70% off, which is the only way I’d ever fork over that money, and I keep remembering it will come in the mail someday and I get excited all over again!

Yay stuff!  It was so nice to be able to treat ourselves for once.  I try not to compare, but sometimes it is hard when our stuff is all shabby, outdated, and/or we just don’t have things it seems like everyone else has.  It’s just frustrating sometimes because that could be us, but N got paid crap while teaching, now he’s not teaching but making the same, and we’ve yet to get to a settled place where he’s in a career he’s happy with and that we can live on more securely and comfortably.  But don’t worry, I don’t ever dwell or feel that badly about it.  And I do feel very grateful for what we do have; it’s been so amazing how God has provided for us at just the right time, so many times now in the last 4 years.  I know our time will come!  And for now I’m very happy to get to enjoy my stuff for a bit. 🙂


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