The Pros of Being a Mom with ADD

Sticking with the theme.  Oh, there are negatives, but concentrating on the positives here.  First I’ll start off with 17 ADD Things About my Everyday Life:

1. It takes me twice as long to cross the grocery store because there are so many cool things to stop and look at along the way.

2. I have 10 windows open on my computer.

3. I left half my coffee and the middle of my candy crush game to go wash the dishes.

4. What is the most efficient way I can grab a kleenex without stepping over the gate and while holding a sleeping baby?

5. Several times a day I have awesome thoughts of things to put on our to do or to get list, but heck if I can remember what they are any time later.

6. I don’t know what I regularly eat for lunch.

7. I don’t remember the last 5 minutes of my routine drive.

8. I’m doing the dishes, folding laundry, watching TV, and eating lunch at the same time.

9. I have to write down when to clean what room.

10. If you interrupt me while I’m focusing, I will get upset.

11. Now where did I set down my water glass…?

12. I can’t sit in the same position for more than a minute.

13. I misplaced my kindergartener’s “homework.”

14. Those stacks of papers that appear disorganized aren’t.  They’re very organized.

15. tl;dr

16. I have lots of great ideas that I get excited about, but they don’t last for long.

17. My computer is full of collections and lists.

True story.  So the positives I get from this are that while it can be difficult to keep up with housework since I don’t have to stick to a schedule, it does give me flexibility to set my own schedule and manage my time however I want so that I can function my best.  And the multitasking makes me able to accomplish a lot.  I also think it’s cooler to be a mom who is suddenly filled with interesting ideas.  Like who one day thinks bunting and garland are the coolest things ever, so your house begins to accumulate them and look all fun and hey I’m totally going to sell them on Etsy someday.  I think it’s also helped me in parenting in some ways, in that I understand the AD(H)D tendencies that B has.  He may or may not actually have it, but certainly behaves as though he does and so we’ve always approached him that way.

But mostly I just wanted to share that list of 17 things I made because I amused myself. 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Shannon
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 13:10:03

    Great post! It takes real strength and courage to be able to laugh at yourself. I wrote a similar post about how the things that made me a “crazy” person actually make me a great mother. All the best!


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