“Are you going to have another?”

I’ve been asked this question several times in the last few months, and I always say I don’t know, we’ll think about it in a few years.  Which is true.  I’m sort of struggling with the entire concept right now though.  I guess because M isn’t a little squishy newbie anymore (Yes, I have yet to write her first birthday post) and that time is so precious and it’s sad to think you won’t ever get that time with a baby again.

I do want that again, but that’s completely outweighed by all the things I don’t want.  I still want nothing to do with the process of conception or pregnancy, which I am still terrified of the idea of going through ever again.  And to be honest, I’m not too thrilled at going through the years of age 3-4 either.  And really 5 has been no walk in the park with B, but I still say 4 was by far the hardest.  But I keep reminding myself that M is a totally different kid and those ages might not be nearly so rough with her.  Nor may they be with another kid.  But that fear is a total turn off!

At least I’m completely fine with waiting several years to make any sort of real decision on this, unlike when B was M’s age now where I was so frustrated and stressed over not on my way to #2 yet that I was starting to wean some.  Which I sooooo regret, but that’s another story and don’t want to dwell on such things!


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