9 Months of Snuggles

I am still in awe of M being here, and still afraid that she’ll be taken away.  Thanks to good ol’ Zoloft that fear doesn’t consume me, but it’s still hiding back there.  She has been in our lives for 9 months now!  I can’t believe she’s so big, as usual it has gone by very fast and at the same time, as N said: it seems like another life before she was here.  That’s more true than normal with how hard we had to try to get her here in the first place.  She is such a huge blessing to our family and brings everyone so much joy.  She’s just the happiest, sweetest baby, and her smiles and adorable babble just light you up.  I know God made her that way specifically to bring more of that happiness after what we went through.

So these days, M is moving all over the place!  (In fact right now I need to go take some books away from her she just pulled off the shelf…)  She’s a speedy crawler and can pull up on anything and reach up high, and splits her time between getting into things she’s not supposed to and searching the floor for anything she can stick in her mouth.  The rest of the time she wants me to be holding her, and I’m rarely allowed to be out of her sight.  She keeps me busy!  (Hold on, now I have to go get a puzzle away from her.)

She went to the pediatrician the other day and is 23 lbs. and 29″, which are 95th percentiles.  She’s extra snuggly! 🙂  She does very well with solid food now and is very interested in trying it, but never eats that much at a time.  She seems to like pretty much anything, but I think her favorites are sticks of cucumber and cheerios.  She babbles a lot (and loudly) and makes lots of funny noises.  She even says “mama” and “dada!”  As in when she wants me she looks at me and goes “Mama, mama, mama!” and when Daddy comes home she crawls after him going “Dada!  Dada!”  I think she knows “nom noms” too, which is what I sometimes call nursing, ha.  At first I thought when she was saying “na na na,” she was saying “no no,” but now I’m not so sure… ha!  She doesn’t say B’s name yet, but sometimes will make noises in his direction that start with a B.  Same thing with “Grandma.”  She’s such a smart baby!  She’s starting to show you things too, and will stick something she’s playing with towards your mouth so you can also check it out.  Awwww.  So big.

I’m enjoying all of her snuggles because before long there won’t be nearly as many of them.  Seems like B was just her age and now he’s all going to kindergarten in a few weeks and I certainly don’t get to snuggle him all day…

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