Baby Radar

It’s an impressive thing, really.  We keep the bathroom door closed now because if it’s open, M will know and make a beeline for it–I’m pretty sure she actually checks on occasion to see if it’s open or not!  Same for if the gate is down between the dining room and kitchen.  And if she can’t get to either very interesting room, then she goes for Daddy’s paperback books in the hallway bookshelf (apparently Orson Scott Card tastes good), or the paper cover of my favorite, rare, and expensive book in the middle of one of the living room bookcases (she succeeded in that finally this morning, there’s now a corner ripped off it).  She can pull herself right up on anything now, so a higher shelf is no match for her.  At least sometimes she’s content to pull all of B’s DVDs out of his bookcase; following in his own footsteps there, at 5-6 months that was his favorite activity!

She also has an impeccable eye for any tiny bit of something on the floor, and will pinch it up and cram it into her mouth quicker than you can dive across the room to stop her.  Usually it’s fine because what she found was a tiny chip crumb or a cheerio or a piece of her brother’s lunch, so I don’t bother.  I also have stopped caring if it was a tiny scrap of paper, which seems to be her favorite food.  But sometimes it’s a tiny ball of fuzz or a piece of plastic (I don’t know how that gets on the floor, but somehow it does), or in the case of this morning a piece of scotch tape.  Then I have to go dig it out of her mouth.  At least she never tries to swallow stuff like that, just lets it hang out in there.  But still.  Where does she find this stuff?!  Baby radar, I tell you.

When I see her sit up chewing away all proud of herself and I ask her, “What are you eating now?” she just looks at me and smiles with her mouth clamped shut and her big happy eyes and does this little giggle and hand flap.


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