One Day at a Time

One of the things that the past 4 years have taught me is that the best way to go is one day at a time.  It’s a good perspective to get you through the hard times, and it works pretty well in the better times too.  Today is a good day.  There’s nothing particularly special about today that makes it better from any other day, it’s just another day.  But I’ve learned to find the good things about each day to make them seem better than they otherwise might.

little things

Today, for example: M didn’t wake up (and thus I didn’t have to get up) until 6:45.  I got a latte on my way back from the store.  My husband is changing the breaks in the van so I don’t have to get the willies from the grinding noise when I drive it.  My husband has the day off so he can hold M (who is otherwise attached to me lately and I can’t get anything done) so I can actually clean the bathroom–clean bathrooms are nice.  Dinner today will happen in a crock-pot.  I have a good book I’m 3/4 done with and can keep reading.  I bought some cookies.

Stuff like that.  And that’s not to say that every single day I’m able to let those little things make me feel all good-mood-y.  Like yesterday, I just felt blah anyway.  But it helps, otherwise what’s so great about today either?

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