First Kid, Second Kid

The difference between approach with the second kid vs. the first kid is both freeing and amusing to me.  There are a lot of these sort of things out there in blogland, but here’s my version.

  • First kid: Must always have a diaper on or be over a towel, what if he pees/poops on the carpet?!  Second kid: Whatever, if she goes on the carpet, I’ll just clean it up.
  • First kid: I can’t go out right now, it will interrupt his nap time.  Second kid: Whatever, she’ll nap later and maybe go to bed a little late.
  • First kid: Oh no, what if he needs to eat when I go out?  I’ll need to go find a corner or another room or go out to the car.  Second kid:  Whatever, I’ll feed her wherever I am.
  • First kid: I can’t wait until he starts crawling!  Second kid: Stop crawling!  I’ll knock you over!
  • First kid: He needs a bath every night, it’s part of his bed time routine.  Second kid: I have no idea when the last time she had a bath was, but she’s sort of smelly so I should probably bathe her.
  • First kid: I know exactly how long he eats for and how long he goes between feedings.  Second kid: Heck if I know how long she eats for or how long she goes between feedings, I don’t look at the clock!
  • First kid: Ew, his poop got on me! *washes hands really well*  Second kid: Oh, her poop got on me. *wipes off with paper towel*


And I know a common one is with your first kid you load up anything you could possibly need into your diaper bag when you go, and with the second you just grab a few things and toss them in the car.  But honestly I was the second way with my first too!  I’m always like, “I’m only going 15 minutes away for an hour… she won’t need her diaper changed.  If she poos, she’ll be fine sitting in it until we get home!”

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sarahR
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 19:03:39

    totally! I have 3 so you can just imagine the short end of the stick she gets. baaha kidding. My favorite is, 1st kid eats dirt, call poison control. 2nd kid eats dirt, wait and watch. 3rd kid eats dirt, hand them a spoon. =D


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