Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning

I’ve been slacking on it.  It’s much easier to just not give her any solid food.  That requires putting her in a high chair, possibly cooking something extra, sitting there while she eats it (plays with it), and then oh the cleaning up afterwards!  But no more being lazy, this week I’m committed to giving her some solid foods every day!

I read that many babies don’t get into solid food too much until 8-9 months.  She is slowly figuring it out though.  It seems like she spits out a lot of pieces and has gagged out a few, but I find bits of food in her diaper the next morning, so obviously she’s swallowing some.  Ha!  She also seems to enjoy pre-loaded spoons of applesauce or yogurt.  She’s liked pretty much everything I’ve given her too.

Here’s what we’ve tried so far:
Avocado slices
Carrot sticks (cooked)
Sweet potato fries
Yogurt (peach and vanilla)
Mum mum crackers
Banana spears (r0lled in cheerio dust… didn’t seem to help her hold them, but was less messy)
Cucumber spears
Watermelon spears
Puffs (since she’s starting to pincer grasp!)

And there are a bunch of flowers on my zucchini, so methinks zucchini fries will be coming up soon!

I’ve also started giving her a sippy cup with water sometimes for her to play around with.  I want her to have plenty of time to get used to a sippy cup in hopes it won’t be such a frustrating skill for her to acquire!  With B I didn’t give him one until 8-10 months and tried it on and off because he couldn’t figure it out.  I think he was close to 12 months before he did.  Neither B nor M took/take a bottle, so the sippy cup is a foreign concept!

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