Little Things

M is getting so big these days!  She’s a medium baby, and while I’m so looking forward to her getting older and getting to see more of her personality and what she’ll learn, I already miss her tiny baby days.  She’s outgrown her infant car seat, she’s in size 18 month clothes (even though she’s 7 months old), she’s starting to eat solid food, and she moves everywhere and gets into stuff!  There are so many little things I want to remember about when she was tiny and some things she does now too.  So many little things that I notice while I watch her, things that I love, such as…

  • The little sigh sounds you made as a newborn every time you swallowed.
  • How angry you can sound!  As a newborn you wailed if you were disturbed, and as you got older you sure could yell when your diaper was changed while you were asleep or if you woke a bit to find Mommy wasn’t right next to you.
  • As a newborn you were soothed by being bounced, not rocked or swayed.  Must’ve been all that time I spent bouncing on the birthing ball!
  • The way you snuggle perfectly up against me at night.
  • How once you discovered your hands, you had them in your mouth so much you even tried to do it while nursing–contstantly!  I needed to hold your hands down just so you wouldn’t keep breaking your latch!
  • Your little grabby claw hands!  You scratch at everything you touch!  I’ve been covered with tiny red scabs for months!
  • How you always stick one leg up, especially while nursing.  Sometimes it ends up kicking me in the throat.
  • When you get hungry you become a little sucker fish.  If your mouth gets near a shoulder, a finger, an arm, you latch on!
  • Your amazingly odd and cute ability to hold your foot upside down!
  • How while concentrating you keep you toes curled up.
  • Your smile lights up the room.  Even while grumpy, you still manage to get some smiles in there between grumps.
  • How you suck on your bottom lip until it disappears, or both lips so that your mouth makes a line.
  • You have such a sweaty head!  There are always wet spots on the sheet at night and during your nap where your head was, and it makes your fine little baby hair curly.
  • When you were a newborn you had a nearby food access radar–you could seem asleep but if I tried to cover myself up you’d begin to whine!  That developed into some mad skill at grabbing and finding where to latch on with your eyes shut.  Amazing!
  • How nobody can make you laugh as easily as B.  You think he’s just the greatest thing!
  • How you would get so frustrated that you couldn’t move places.  You tried so hard for so long, rocking back and forth on hands and knees and getting up on your toes with your butt in the air.  Then finally you figured out how to move by crawling with just your legs until you got scrunched up, then flop down and do it all over again.  Then crawling was all you wanted to do!  You did it so much you got little raw red spots on your poor little toes!
  • How you get upset when I leave the room and light up when I come back in.
  • How you miss Daddy when you haven’t seen him.  You’re always babbling “Dadada,” and I’m pretty sure you know what you’re saying sometimes.
  • How you used to arch your back so I could lift you out of your car seat.
  • How sometimes you like to whisper.  Especially when you make a T sound for some reason!
  • How you lift your arms when I come to pick you up.
  • How whenever you wear a dress, you grab the bottom of it and pull it up so you can chew on it.

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