My Awesome Almost-Kindergartener

This morning I just really feel like going on and on about what a great kid B is!  He fills our lives with so much entertainment, this kid is hilarious.  He’s a total goof, he makes up words and speaks gibberish, adds them into songs, and has a funny imagination when we play.  And he’s so nice and sweet and thoughtful!  My favorite example ever is when at school they did the Santa Shop and he bought me a wooden spoon because he remembered me occasionally commenting on how much I needed one.  Seriously!  And he has a crazy good memory, he has been amazing me with that thing his entire life.  When he was like 18 months old and we’d just moved to our house he knew where the Taco Bell was (he’s always loved logos).  He remembers stuff that happened last year once and I have zero memory of it.  If he ever tells you something happened a certain way, believe him because he’s right.  He’s usually very polite and he’s very outgoing.  It’s shocking coming from two shy, socially-inept parents!  But it sure will make his life easier.  Maybe he can make phone calls for me in a few years. 😛  He has loved cars and trains since he was like less than 1.  “Car” was one of his first words, and he wants to be a train engineer when he grows up (and also a teacher like Daddy… and I still say he’ll be a civil engineer).  He’s amazing at being able to look at a picture of something and build it, like with Legos or his Angry Birds toys.  He also loves to draw, paint, and color, and has gotten pretty good at it.

That’s not to say we’re without struggles, oh no.  He has so much energy, the kid has never sat still in his entire life.  Or been quiet, he’s constantly talking or making sound effects or singing or whatever.  He’s also very particular, strong-willed, and impulsive, and he has to know what’s going on all the time.  But I do like to keep in mind how even those traits of his that give me difficulty now can be positive things!  A friend shared this thingie about that awhile ago that I loved called “Blessing Kids by Seeing Them as God Does.”  So for B…

  • “Bossiness, dominates others can become leadership. Rom. 12:6-8”
  • “Inflexible can become decisiveness and strength.  1 Cor. 16:13-14”
  • “Know-it-all attitude can become wisdom.  1 Cor. 13:4”
  • “Obsessive compulsive behavior can become excellence and attention to detail.  1 John 4:18-19”
  • “Overly talkative can become ability to communicate well.  Eccl. 9:16-17”
  • “Perfectionism can become efficiency.  Eccl. 7:12”
  • “Stubbornness and heardheadedness can become perseverance, tenacity, and focused.  They can be “stubborn” for God. 2 Tim. 3:10″

Sorry I listed a lot, but it’s a reminder to myself and I just had to share how awesome it is!  I think all of those things will make B be able to stand up for what is right and what he believes in and be a good leader as/when he grows up.

I could keep going on with examples of how great he is, but that’s enough. 🙂  He is such a miracle and he is so perfect just the way he is.  I remember when he was a tiny newborn like it was yesterday, I can’t believe he’ll be 5 next month and in a few more weeks will be officially a kindergartener!

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  1. Jessica
    May 08, 2013 @ 17:19:22

    Do you have a link for that seeing kids as God does thing? I was talking to a friend recently about how dear strong-willed Johanna is a woman of action… she sees what she wants, she goes after it. This is an awful lot like me but I like to think I’ve learned how to do it in the right ways and that’s what I need to work on teaching her. It’s really helped me to view the frustrating things she does with that lens. And I’d be interested to read the full list.


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