M’s First Solids

M has been fascinated with us eating food for a few months, and lately she’s been very grabby around food.  So she was very ready to try some solid food now that she’s 6 months!  (Well, not technically until the 12th, but close enough.)  I’m also excited about introducing solids to her because we’re doing “Baby-Led Weaning.”  Which has a confusing name, but I found out it’s called that because it was coined in the UK where “weaning” apparently means “introducing solid foods.”  It should be called “Baby Self-Feeding.”  Basically what you do is not give your babies purées and instead give them pieces of actual food to play with and figure out how to eat on their own.  All of a baby’s nutrition before 1 year can come from breastmilk, so it’s not a big deal if they don’t actually consume much.

When I heard about BLW a few months ago I was really excited about it!  It makes so much sense to me, seems more natural, will be much cheaper and more convenient, and seems like it would make a kid a better eater variety and texture-wise.  We followed the “textbook” solid food introduction with B, and that kid has always had food texture issues!  I do not want that for M!

So I thought we’d start out with a slice of avocado for her.  She seemed to understand it was something to put in her mouth, although she does put everything in her mouth I guess.  It was too slippery for her to get ahold of well, but when she did and got it to her mouth she seemed rather interested gnawing on it.  She did bite off a little chunk that she wasn’t too sure about and ended up spitting it out.  Never swallowed anything.  But she sure had fun and we had fun watching her!  Next I want to try baked sweet potato sticks, steamed carrots, and maybe watermelon or banana.


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