Pudgy Baby Problems

I have to put a diaper on her that’s “too big” so that it can fit around her thighs.  (Although I did recently discover if I pull her thigh chub out and wedge the diaper up I can get it to fit better.)

She gets little smelly yeast infections in her neck rolls often.  (Fortunately they clear right up with tea tree oil.)  And used to store milk in there too when she was a messy newborn eater… it turned into cheese.  LOL

She can’t reach her feet very well.

The sleeve cuffs on her clothes are always a little tight.

Socks always leave indents on her legs.

It’s too much work to roll over.

It takes a long time to bathe her because I have to clean out all her crevices.


But it’s OH SO CUTE. 😀


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Aimee
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 21:58:19

    Ha! Love it. Mine is following in her footsteps. Yeasty neck rolls, bath took forever this morning because I kept finding new crevices, debate whether to include the upper thigh roll inside the diaper or not, waistband on 6mo pants too tight although she’s only 3 mo…but, YUP! They’re so cute all chubby!


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