Why I ♥ Cloth Diapers

M has officially outgrown the diaper covers we’ve been using, as in to the point where I can’t even put them on her anyway.  They make major red marks over her ginormo-thighs, and don’t cover all of her diaper.  So we have to live with the two covers she has that do fit until I can order her another one like… tomorrow when N gets paid.  It’s a necessary expense!  You know how much it will cost?  Like $12 something.  Know how much it would cost if I went and bought a box of “‘sposies?”  Like $20, if I remember correctly.  Know how long said diaper cover will last her?  Until potty training.  That box of ‘sposies wouldn’t even last a month.  And so that brings me to what I want to make my first “different topic” post about…

When I was going to have B, using cloth crossed my mind but without even checking into it I blew off the idea because we lived in an apartment and would’ve had to wash diapers by either paying $1.50/load to use the crappy machine in our building, or I’d had to drive 20 minutes to either my parents or grandparents house every 2 days to wash them.  I think if I would’ve known how much I would love them in the first place, I would’ve found a way to make it work anyway!  As soon as we had our own washer/dryer, which was when we bought our house when B was 17 months old, I started using cloth.

I know a lot of people who cloth diaper do it mainly so they’re not tossing hundreds of diapers into landfills, but that’s just sort of an added bonus for me because I’m not that inherently hippie-tastic.  The only reason we started using cloth was to save money.  And while some save less money by going the more expensive route and dropping $500 on two dozen pretty one-sized all-in-one diapers, we started off by going the cheapest route and getting a dozen good quality toddler-sized prefolds for $40, which was enough to wash every other day at that age.  Including our wet bag, we spent maybe $100 total on all of B’s diapering stuff from 18 months until he potty trained the month before turning 3… basically 18 months worth.  And we haven’t spent much more than that on M’s diapers thus far.  The amount more we pay for water to wash them every 2 days seems to be about $15 quaterly.  Hecks yeah.

So to be less verbose, other reasons I heart cloth, in relative order:
2. They don’t contain nasty chemicals (http://www.livestrong.com/article/111348-chemicals-disposable-diapers/)
3. They’re SOOOOOO cute, extra fluffy butt included
4. It just makes more sense to me now.  I don’t wear paper underwear.  They must be so much more comfortable.
5. Not a pro, but to add in… at least for me they aren’t difficult to deal with, the extra time they take isn’t an issue, and dealing with your own kids’ poo isn’t all that gross.

So really I could go on and on for way more than probably anyone would care to read on this topic, but instead I will just end with my favorite products that we use.  They should all give me free stuff for promoting them. 😛

Green Mountain Diapers/Cloth-eez Prefolds
So soft and quilty and wonderful and very very absorbant.  M is currently in their “wide baby” size, which she should be able to use for quite awhile.  Teehee.

M's diaper

See?  That’s M’s little diapery self a few weeks ago.

Which brings me to the next thing, the Snappi!  That’s the pink fastener there.  Best invention ever.  When I was looking into cloth I was like… I’m not so sure about pinning a diaper on my baby.  Turns out like nobody does that anymore because snappis are so much faster and easier.

Thirsties Covers
Love the cost, quality, and look of them anyway, but I also found out recently that they’re a family-owned company who makes all their own materials and sews them all up at their factory in Colorado.  Double bonus.  We use these for daytime.  At night we use fleece soakers that I make myself.

Here’s some kid in a Duo Wrap with snap closure… I personally dislike snaps and have all velcro closure ones.

Planet Wise Wet/dry Bags
Why would you use a pail when you can have one of these hanging around your bathroom?  (Or maybe that’s just me that has all our diaper stuff in the bathroom… most people probably use their baby’s room!)  But really, we’re on our second one since we started with B.  Very good quality and easy to use.  And they look even better in real life than on the computer!

Our first one was the Art Deco print (has since been demoted for beach-going use), and our current one is the Funky Flowers one.  LOVE.  We have a small wet bag of theirs too for the diaper bag.

That about covers it I guess.  Ha!  Pun.


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  1. weavert7
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 17:41:14

    I love cloth diapering too, and I did it to save money also, but of course now I know about the chemicals that disposables have in them and makes me not want to use them even more. I have never used the pre-folds before and I am really excited to use them for baby E! As I was reading this I was thinking yay I can get M’s covers she doesnt fit in, from you now 🙂


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