There be Changes

Yarr.  So yes, you may have noticed I finally did some editing lately.  New title, new about page, new categories, new some other stuff probably that I can’t remember.  I still guess I need to edit the Scripture page and add stuff to the image page.  I think I put one of those up there anyway.  I thought the category thing was a good idea now since I’m going to start doing some different sort of posts from what I’ve done before.  I’ll try not to go crazy with them since I have several plans!

Speaking of changes, M will be 4 months old tomorrow.  Gasp!  It sounds so much older than 3 months.  0-3 months is its own age category.  All newborny.  It even is its own clothing size (which she outgew months ago… she’s into size 9 months now, oy).  4-6 months is like the baby who is starting to do stuff but can’t go places yet age.  That very much describes her.  She wants to be interacting with something all day long– talking with someone, playing with a toy, or just having something to grab and goob on.  But she can’t move or even sit on her own yet, so it’s a hard life.  Her two newest fascinations are making squealing noises and the fact that she can grab my face, particularly my lips.  Glasses are up next, I’m sure.  She still likes to watch her feet too, but can only grab them if she’s sitting I think mostly because of her diaper not beinding enough.  She’s working on sitting though, if she’s leaned forward a little and manages to keep her balance she can sit for a few seconds.


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