Just an Update

M is doing very well.  She’s 2 months now (9 1/2 weeks).  At her 2 month appointment at 8 weeks she was 13 lbs. 3 oz. and 23″, and she smiles all the time and loves to talk and interact with people!  (And also Mr. Cardinal who hangs on her carseat.)  She’s much more easy-going than she seemed as a newborn, although she still fusses unlike B ever did.  She loves to be worn, which is awesome because she’ll totally zonk out in the Angelpack at the grocery store (or the Babyhawk while I’m doing chores!).  She still doesn’t sleep well unless someone is holding her, and rarely takes a nap over 30-60 minutes.  All things I’m used to!

What I’m not used to is her night sleeping lately!  For 3 nights in a row we went to bed just after 10:00, and she only woke up around 2:45 to eat, then would go back to sleep until 5:30-6:00, which is basically when we have to get up for the day.  Then last night I woke up around midnight and tried to feed her, but she didn’t really eat.  She didn’t wake up on her own to eat until I think 4:30.  She basically slept through the night.  WHAT.  I do remember B sleeping in a 5 hour stretch from about 2-3 months, then went back to every 2 hours until 13 1/2 months when I night weaned him.  Every 2 hours is normal to me, and I’m really weirded out that she’s sleeping so long at night.  I don’t sleep that long in a row, I get up several times while she still sleeps, so there’s no point in her doing it!  And we cosleep so when she wakes up, I wake up and start to feed her, then we both fall back asleep, so it’s not a big deal at all.  It just makes me so nervous that if she keeps this up that will encourage my period to come back soon, and I do NOT want that.  Not just because it’s so nice to not have to deal with that, but because it will only remind me about the possibility of conceiving and I’ll have to avoid it and I feel sort of post-traumatic about that whole issue.  It makes me feel depressed and anxious to think about having to deal with it.  I was hoping to make it at least until she’s 12 months without needing to address it.

Anyway.  Speaking of depression and anxiety, I guess I’m hanging in there.  I went to a counselor yesterday who I feel good about.  No meds yet.  Not sure if I need depression meds or ADD meds still, we’ll figure that out next week.  It’s like the chicken or the egg… If I didn’t feel too crappy I could be more motivated to cope with the ADD, but if I didn’t feel too flustered and crazy then I’d be better able to cope with the depression.  Or maybe I need a chicken and an egg.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tabatha
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 16:02:59

    Meg sounds like Dom did at that age! Only napping 30-60 min, and wanting to be held, so thats where the carrier came in and I could get things done around the house while he slept, but then for awhile he needed to go in the carrier to fall asleep all the time (silly boy) but thats what he liked so I would put it on and walk around the house for a few min. and boom, out like a light 🙂 I understand about the whole Meg sleeping more in the night then you are use too, but enjoy it! If she starts sleeping through the night thats is great!


  2. Aimee
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 16:38:45

    Ha! Love your last line. 😉
    So glad you are hanging in there. Hope the one motn nursing session keeps your period away. Think of you often!


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