First Day Out

I was tired of being quarantined in the house, so M’s first “big outing” was to church today!  It was nice to get out and practice taking a newborn places.  Totally forgot how much longer they can take to go do things!  She needs to eat just before we get in the car, spit up on me just before leaving so I had to change my shirt, then we have to worry about when she’ll need to eat vs. getting back in the car… She did very well, she’s great in the car and slept through the church service.  Since her cord is off now I put a onesie and pants on her.  As B said, “Now she looks like a girl!”  I was so used to her living in plain white wrap shirts and gowns.  The only negative of our excursion was that I’m not quite healed enough for it, and man was I sore by the time we were on our way home!  But it was especially nice to go to church with her just to praise God that M is here, and I felt like that was my main reason for going this morning.

I think there are things that slowly have to sink in. Yesterday afternoon I was holding her on the couch and she was all curly snuggled into me (B was away with my parents at my nephew’s birthday party). She’s just so sweet and funny (oh, the noises and faces she makes!) and cute and cuddly and I started crying.  Since then I have been a little here and there just thinking about it.  It’s amazing to think that she’s the perfect one that God had in mind for us the whole time as we went through everything in the last 3 1/2 years.

She’ll be a week old tomorrow, hard to believe!  I feel good that I’m getting the hang of her.  I know her eating schedule now, and she’s done very well the last two nights.  I started leaving her latched on longer after she falls asleep/hold her a bit if she unlatches herself to get her to a deeper sleep before setting her down.  I never thought to try it before because that never worked for B!  She wakes up every 1-2 hours throughout the night with one or two brief awake periods around 11-12 and 3-4.  So I actually get to sleep in the bed aside from two short hanging out in the living room breaks.  Not too shabby!  I do keep falling asleep with her on me sitting up in the bed, but it works out just fine because we’re in the same position as in the recliner, and if she fell off me to the left the pack n’ play would stop her from falling, and to the right there’s still bed.  It’s pretty much impossible to stay awake sometimes, as hard as I try to.  That’s why I pretty much slept in the glider with B for months when he was a baby!


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  1. Jessica
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 21:21:55

    Abigail was like that with the nursing. I would let her fall asleep, then wait till she got into deep sleep, then VERY CAREFULLY unlatch her and gently put her to bed. I don’t really miss nursing, but I do miss that.


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