39 Week Appointment

Might as well post about it in case I don’t get to Sunday for my usual post!  Not that I specifically think I won’t, but one can hope.

So the CNM didn’t offer to check me or anything, and said that if I don’t have the baby by the next appointment that they’ll then schedule an induction.  I was like, nah, I’d rather avoid that.  I said I’d rather have things checked up on in there before doing that, and also asked if they could strip membranes next week and she said sure.  My appointment is on Wednesday morning.  So good to know that some measure will be taken by then if she’s not here!

I told the midwife about how I’ve been feeling nervous lately with M spinning positions and then the decrease in movement.  It’s not that she doesn’t move much, it’s just different than it used to be.  It’s less and there’re less super strong movements.  I guess she just doesn’t have much room for them anymore though.  Sure feels like she has no room… her head is way at the bottom and her butt is all up in my ribs when I sit.  B never felt like he took up so much space, so it makes me wonder if she’s tall/long!  B was 20.5″.  Anyway… to make me feel better she sent me for an NST.  Everything looked good.  I didn’t know that involved a buzzer, I told the nurse she’s not going to like that!  And she didn’t, she jumped and then was wiggly with a higher heartrate for a few minutes afterward.

Funny ever since starting that NST I’ve felt pretty crampy.  That’s at least something.

Oh, random symptom I’ve had the last I think 5 days… carpal tunnel syndrome.  I’ve heard of it happening, not sure why.  I don’t think my hands look swollen or anything.  But my carpal tunnel area hurts to be pushed on and otherwise feels really tight.  Weird.

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  1. weavert7
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 15:29:24

    I had NST’s done every week after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes with Dominic, and the very first time they did the buzzer thing (which I had no idea they did that either) he jumped big time too. Poor little babies, that must be very startling for them lol. Be prepared for the carpel tunnel syndrome to possibly continue after you have had her. I have heard a lot of women have it a few months after they have had the baby.


    • Shan
      Nov 10, 2012 @ 16:05:07

      I just had a friend tell me that about the carpal tunnel too! I really hope it will go away though and I won’t have an issue with it forever! Then I’d need the surgery for it, blech. It’s been getting worse each day and doesn’t matter if I do or don’t use my hands, and it’s to the bothering me pain stage. Today my hands actually do look swollen.


  2. Tabatha
    Nov 11, 2012 @ 08:33:29

    Well I had a big problem with it too after I had Dominic, and I went to the doctors for it and he recommended a brace so I got one (ask you doctor write out a script for it so your insurance will take care of it, thats what we did) and I wore it to bed ever night, and it helped A TON!!!! I havent worn it at night in a long time, cause it went away. Once in a while it will flare up when Im doing my makeup or something like that, but then goes away. I highly recommend looking into a brace, and Im sure it wont hang around long. My doctor said its hormones, and sure enough it was cause it went away.


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