39 Weeks, kinda

You know, since I’m trying to keep in mind that 39 weeks really doesn’t start until Tuesday!  But gotta keep on my Sunday posting schedule. 🙂

My appointment on Friday was quick, things looked/sounded good.  Earlier last week M moved positions again so now her butt is back on the right side and her feet to the left.  What a wiggle worm!  The midwife didn’t offer to check me, so I didn’t ask.  She said baby’s head was “way down there.”  I was like, “yeah…” 🙂  So that’s good.  I’ve also been having more cramps and Braxton Hicks since Thursday, so that’s an improvement too.  I’ve actually had some worse cramps since getting up this morning, but for all I know they’re just from muscles being aggravated from coughing/blowing my nose/maybe sleeping funny.  I hope it won’t be long (well, I guess no matter what it won’t be, but you know… sooner than later!)

I asked the midwife when I should come to the hospital since it’s a 45 minute drive (normally it’s like contractions 5 minutes apart for an hour I think).  She just said come in once they’re regular, better to get there too early than too late.  Quite true.  If she’s not here by this Friday (39w3d) I’m going to be like, Come on!  B was born by now, why aren’t you too?! 🙂

Whenever B asks his usual question of, “What is M doing in there?”  I’ll say, “Plotting her escape, hopefully!”  I’ve been doing really well lately about it, I’m only feeling excited!  Not letting myself think the other way like I was struggling with before.

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