37 Weeks – Full Term!

Although I wouldn’t start waiting for labor to start for another week.  But still, a week isn’t very long.  It’s weird because I know it’s really close, but it still doesn’t feel like it!  I still am a little afraid she’ll be born and I’ll still be in so much disbelief I’ll have trouble bonding properly.  I’m doing better at being prepared.  I’m trying to mentally prepare for labor so when it happens I’ll be totally ready to go.  As for otherwise being totally ready to go, my next thing to do is to get the hospital bag (aka diaper bag) packed as best I can before it’s actually time to go.  Not that there’s much you need to bring with you.  With B I just packed everything after I went into labor.  Wasn’t much else to do during those few hours before we left!  But this time it’s a 45 minute drive and I have B to deal with too, so everything being in line helps.

I have all the diapers for at least the first few months now, and they’re all prepped and put away!  It was the most fun laundry ever.  Everything else is really where it needs to go too, so nothing much else to do with baby stuff.  Just postpartum related things left to do, like stock up and make those witch-hazel and aloe freezer pads that sound so very nice.  I have one lasagna in the freezer and a taco pasta stuff on the list to make tomorrow to double up and freeze.  Might get some stroganoff in this week later too, we’ll see.

I had an appointment with the midwife on Friday.  It was the longest appointment I’ve ever had because there were actually things to talk about!  She asked if I had a good or bad experience with labor before, so I told her about how it was neither one or the other really.  She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said no and told her about my experience with it last time, she asked if I had a plan and I said yeah, but forgot to print it!  I can’t imagine I won’t make it to my appt. next week, so I can turn it in then.  She asked if we had the hospital stuff ready to go and nope on that too.  I did the GBS test and will find out those results next week.  Got a flu shot too.  I was measuring a week ahead like always, so that’s still good, and then M’s heartrate was 145-150bpm.  It took the midwife a few minutes to find it, which would’ve had me completely losing it except that I could feel her moving at the time.  She was really pushy/wiggly that day.  Midwife said her back was towards mine, which is why it was hard to find the heartbeat.  Also why so much feet pushing out on me I guess!  She’s still positioned that way too, and better get herself turned back around!  I am determined to not have another posterior baby!


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  1. weavert7
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 17:02:39

    Im SO SO SO excited for you guys! I am also SO excited to finally meet her. I will be praying for a smooth delivery, and that things go the way you would like them too. EEEKKK! It can happen anytime now!!


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