35-36 Weeks

Well, now I suppose I’m finally getting close.  One month until due date.  Seems likely she’ll be here before then too, but I’m only basing that on how B was born 4 days before my due date and generally the next one comes earlier than the first.  But not necessarily, so yeah who knows.  My goal is just to be 100% prepared by the end of October/38 weeks.

My appointment on Thursday was good.  I go back every week now, and this week will have the GBS test.  I’m going to get a flu shot too, assuming insurance will cover it.  We’ve never done them before, but having a newborn in flu season makes me a little nervous.  Anyway, GBS was negative with B, so hope it will be this time too.  Really don’t want an IV stuck to me during labor or to have to worry about antiboitics not working.

Babycenter said at 35 weeks your baby doesn’t have much room to maneuver anymore.  Try telling her that!  She seems to think she does.  Sometimes I think her elbow or whatever it is is going to pop out of my side like in Alien.  And now when she gets to doing those super strong wiggles/pushes it often (especially if it’s late afternoon on) causes some pretty painful Braxton Hicks that sometimes I can feel all the way down in my cervix or around into my back.  The other day while driving she was pushing out and hitting nerves in my hips so hard, plus the contractions it caused, that it made my eyes water!  She likes to hit the nerves in my hips while I’m walking or standing, of course, and this morning I keep getting a shooting nerve pain down my entire left leg.  Ow.

One thing I have noticed in the last several weeks too is that she gets startled easily.  I’m a little concerned that she’ll wake up really easily!  It was always so hard to wake B up, I could vacuum in the same room with him, and even now the loudest thunder ever won’t wake him up, I can yell next to him and he won’t even stir, etc.  I’m a firm believer in not being quiet while the baby is sleeping because if they’re used to noise while they sleep, you can continue on like normal while they sleep with no issue.  So I’m sure she’ll be able to sleep with regular noise going on, but what if there was a sudden noise… wake up?  Bah.  We’ll see!

Anyway, I’m feeling ok.  Along with the nerve-pushing-on, I’ve been having more Pelvic Girdle Pain (sacral joint is worst, but pubic bone too) and it’s much harder to walk.  I have to walk really slowly often, but that’s not abnormal.  I’ve generally been doing better since my initial feeling scared episode I posted about earlier. I made myself make a list of freezer meals to get started on and also typed up and printed birth affirmations.  But yesterday my husband put the crib up and it caused a major anxiety attack.  After seeing it there in the bedroom anyway I realized the Pack and Play would be better than the crib down here, even with the cons.  So crib will be going upstairs today and I will set the Pack and Play up because B keeps talking about it now.

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