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Here’s one I just saw on Facebook that I liked enough I wanted to share.  There were some phrases in it that were very well said and had feelings put into words that I’d never really considered before.  My eyes were dripping while reading it!

“Mourning for a baby can be such a lonely grief… grieving for a person that you had such a close connection to… But that nobody else ever got to meet.”

Exactly.  That’s part of what makes it so hard is that nobody else in the entire world got to know them or have a connection to them, not even my husband.  Others who have been through it can understand, but because of that it’s still lonely.

And while I’m on the subject, I have been working on my picture collage I posted about for this month.  It’s a lot slower going when I have to do it in Paint!  I miss my PSP.  I plan to have it done by the 15th.

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