33-34 Weeks

Thursday’s appointment was uneventful, which is good!  Didn’t bother asking what I measured because the midwife I saw apparently doesn’t just tell you.  Heartrate was 133bpm.  I did mention to the midwife about how the only thing I was nervous about was tearing along my episiotomy scar, and she said actually the scar tissue area should be stronger than the skin.  I don’t know if I believe that, doesn’t make sense to me.  But whatever, I’ll do what I can to avoid it, and if I tear I’ll live.

Last week my ab muscles were so sore again.  One day they felt like they were all pulled even, and I actually did pull one on the side when I got out of bed.  And you’d think M would be running out of room in there to push around very hard, but that is apparently not the case.  She is one strong, pokey little baby!  I think what I’m feeling slide around my lower sides in a very jabby manner are her elbows.  She pushes her butt and feet up on one side and her arms out on the other as hard as she can.  She likes to cram her head against one hip and then punch at my other hip bone.  And I often feel these weird “popping” feelings in there and have no idea what’s going on.  Fingers moving?  I don’t think they uncurl their fists very much though, newborns don’t.  It’s really cool, but I wish I could see what was happening!  She also gets hiccups a lot and this rhythmic rising movement I notice every so often I’ve decided must be breathing practice.  She’ll have super lungs!  She’ll need them with all that wiggling she apparently does.  We’ll see, I don’t know if it’s possible for a baby to be more wiggly than B was.

And then I’ve never entirely quit ever feeling crappy in the evenings.  It’s usually only a few times a week, but the last few weeks it’s seemed more frequent.  Some nights I feel like the first trimester again, but with less car-sick-y nausea type feeling.  Food is gross and I can’t force it down, I’ve had to re-resort to toast and pretzels and 7-up.  Almost threw up multiple times one of the days too, but by sheer willpower I did not!

Well, anyway, the dryer is fixed now (hooray!) and I got some Tide so I washed all of the newborny clothes, sheets, blankets, etc.  I forgot how small baby stuff is, it all fit in one load!  It still feels a bit unreal to see this baby stuff sitting around, and I still feel uneasy about opening things/removing tags.  But I’m so excited to be at the last-few-weeks prep stage!  I won’t prep diapers until I get one more dozen that we need.  But I have plenty to sew this week!  Then maybe ought to start planning freezer meals to make.


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