31-32 Weeks

Had an appointment on Thursday, the CNM was in a bit of a hurry to catch up I think because it only took like 1 minute!  Things were good, still measuring a week ahead and heartrate was 136bpm so I guess she was a little more chilled out than at the last few appointments.  I was able to schedule my next two 2-week appts. afterwards, then I’ll move to weekly ones!  Wow!  I suppose I have under 2 months left now but it still seems like so much longer to wait.

I’m doing pretty well, no real anxiety, no major pains or discomforts, although it felt like she just had a growth spurt, my muscles felt very stretched and sore the last few days.  Just hard to do much of anything that involves moving (or even not moving… such as laying or sitting!).  I have a feeling M is going to be born super strong and almost able to hold up her head just like B (the nurses and pedi were quite impressed!).  Seriously, sometimes she pushes so hard with her feet that it hurts!  She’s been having hiccups more lately too, like in the middle of the night last night for about 5 minutes.  I think it was annoying her because after awhile it would be like *hiccup*wiggle arms* every time. 🙂  (And ha, she actually just started up with hiccups again right now as I was editing this!)

I still feel like I’m waiting to be able to do the next phase of stuff to do.  Which I am, I’m waiting for my son’s preschool to start mostly, and also just 36-ish weeks for some other stuff.  It feels like I’m prepared, but I’m not when I look at my to-do list!  Things I still need to get/do:
-spray paint the ceiling fan (actually this is all my husband’s job!)
-finish sewing wipes and quilt
-sew a few other little things I don’t need, but would like (fleece soakers, fitted diapers, bunting decoration, changing pad…)
-buy postpartum supplies
-make freezer meals
-pack hospital bag
-make wipe solution
-buy another nursing bra or two and breast pads
-somehow acquire wash cloths, towels, one more newborn sized PUL cover, disposable liners, Boba, fleece sleep sacks, a few more clothes, and then a few other things that would be nice to have but don’t specifically need them at all/before she’s born*
-wash baby clothes, blankets, etc. and put them away
-prep diapers and put them away
-get baby scrapbook started
-set up the crib (also my husband’s job!)

Yikes, seems like I’ll be busy next month!

*Some of these things I have/expect to be getting in the next month or whatever in the mail because my very awesome and amazing and lovely friends from all over surprised me with a baby shower!  ♥♥♥  I was so surprised and so grateful to have people who would do that for me, and it also takes a lot of stress off too!


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