Birth Plan

Check.  Earlier I had looked up templates for birth plans, and they seemed really involved.  I was afraid to do something like that in case the hospital peoples found it annoying, which would not be helpful for anyone.  Fortuantely, I’ve been feeling much more laid-back about it now that I actually am to the point where I wanted to get it done.  I’m very happy with it, it’s nice and simple and to-the-point.  I left out some details because I figure hey, I’ll be there, I can ask questions or make decisions then too if they come up.  I used a friend’s plan that she sent me as an outline because I liked the way she’d worded some things, except I liked the bullet point method for quicker reading.

I really hope things will go well so I can have the experience I’ve been looking forward to for years.  We were mostly impressed with our hospital before, which is why we’re going back… we certainly could be going to a hospital that’s not 45 minutes away now!  They’re pretty holistic from what I’ve heard since about other hospitals elsewhere in the country.  I was entirely unprepared when I had B (I thought I was prepared because I knew how labor worked… I had NO idea about methods to help get through labor or all the other details!)  So without knowing anything, I can be pretty certain that it’s policy for my hospital to do stuff like not rush you to a c-section or give you pitocin or an episiotomy just because, doing immediate skin-to-skin contact, letting baby find your breast themselves and nurse immediately, not washing baby until after you have bonding time with them, keeping baby in the room with you and making you nurse every 2 hours, stuff like that.  I was unsure about when they clamp and cut the cord, whether they do post-delivery pitocin, and if an IV is routinely inserted right at the beginning because I had extenuating circumstances that made some of that stuff have to happen non-routinely and/or I wasn’t paying attention at the time.  I do know that a nurse stuck one of those green soothie things in his mouth at one point while I was asleep, rather than wake me up, and I was irked.  I just took it out.

Anyway, copied and pasted without further ado:

“I am hoping to make the birth of my child a very positive experience for me and everyone involved!  I feel that I have taken a lot of time to educate and prepare myself to have the best experience I can.  Through this process I have developed a list of preferences I would like to share with the medical staff that will be assisting me for labor and delivery in the form of a birth plan.  I respectfully ask that midwives, nurses, doctors, and other medical staff support me by honoring this birth plan.  I look forward to working together to make this a calm and wonderful experience!

Labor and birth:

  • A natural birth is important to me, to achieve this I feel that I will need to be able to move around and change positions as much as possible
  • I wish to be consulted before the introduction of any medical procedure
  • I would like no discussion of pain tolerance or pain levels
  • I would prefer not to be asked about an epidural
  • I would like to push as I feel directed
  • In the event of a surgical procedure, I would like my husband to remain with me and baby

After birth and Baby:

  • I would like to have skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth
  • Please delay cord clamping and cutting until pulsation stops
  • I will be breastfeeding, and wish to do so right away
  • Please do not offer my baby any soothies or pacifiers
  • We have brought our cloth diapers from home, and we wish to use them for our baby*

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!”

*I haven’t asked yet if they let you do that… I don’t see why not, but I’ve heard some hospitals are weird like that.  I don’t think it will be an issue at ours.  Then again, I’m also currently feeling so laid-back that maybe I’ll just leave that out.  We’ll do most of the diaper changes anyway, not nurses.  But I suppose this will let them know ahead of time too.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aimee
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 00:52:24

    love the birth plan. simple, direct, not pushy or annoying. perfect. 🙂


  2. Grandma Peg
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 15:38:36

    my birth plan for you was
    1. OMG!!! it’s time to have a baby!!!
    2. OUCH!!!!
    4.NO!! I don’t want to look in the mirror!!!
    and for Ross I’m pretty sure it was
    1. As SOON as I tell you I want something for the pain GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!


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