27-28 Weeks… Happy Third Trimester!

Even though some sources (including, I believe, my CNM office) count 28 weeks as the beginning of the third trimester, I guess 27 weeks is more accurate as the beginning of the last third.  But either way, I am definitely in it now.  It’s unbelievable.  It still feels so far but so close that we get to meet our baby!  It’s also amazing to know that there’s not much more to go on developmentally anymore, just lungs maturing more and brain becoming even more active.  If she was born right now, the chance of her surviving with no disabilities or issues is very very high.  That’s a huge comfort and just so amazing to know I’m that far.

I really have everything done that I wanted to get done early-ish (like painting).  Which is good because I get tired and sore more easily now I’ve noticed.  I’m not going to rush the rest because B starts preschool Sept. 19th (D:), so I’ll have a month and a half with 3 hours a day at home alone.  I won’t know what to do with myself.  So I’ll finish up all the little preparations I have left, like washing baby clothes, prepping diapers, getting her baby scrapbook together, and making food to freeze.  Still have some stuff left to buy, but not a whole lot.  Mostly diapers, which are the most fun to buy too! 🙂

Oh, at 26 weeks I did have an appt. with my CNM, which went well.  I was still measuring a week ahead and M had a good strong heartbeat.  She’s funny and moves so much differently than B did.  She likes to punch and/or elbow my hip bones a lot (although lately is more frequently facing straight and punches my cervix instead), and I’m able to more often feel her feet pushing out too.  I could feel them against me the other day, and her butt on the other side.  I am getting more pushing type feelings now and less full-out kicks… guess she’s running out of room.  It’s a lot different having a not-anterior placenta, I can feel so much more going on!  And also different how she’s a little higher than B was (he was so low the whole time!) and with the placenta on top too my top ab muscles went through a sore phase last week from stretching and sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe because stuff is pushing up against my organs.  Never had that problem last time.  Anyway, I also did my glucose and iron test after my last appt. and I guess things were okay because they never called about it.  I’m right between switching from 4 to 2 week appointments, so I’m going back 3 weeks after the last one, which will be next week now.

And just an extra thing to say: it’s still really hard to see people out there who assume/can act that having a baby is an easy thing to do.  Whenever I see stuff it still hurts.  I don’t think that will ever really stop bothering me on some level.


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