25-26 Weeks

By 26 weeks baby is on average 14″ long and 1 2/3 lbs.  She’s starting to fill out more and her hair has color and texture and is growing more (if she’s going to have any… B had hardly any).  Ears are more sensitive than before and she’s beginning to practice breathing.

Only 2 more weeks to go to the third trimester!  It seems like time is going by both quickly and slowly.  Sometimes it seems like November isn’t very far off, but then it’s 14 weeks… that’s a long time.  So even though I feel like we still have so much left to do to be ready, we do have plenty of time!  Really there are other things on my mind that I’m looking at in the meantime.  Like the summer being over, for a variety of reasons, one being because it is so dang hot.  This is not only the hottest summer ever anyway (seriously, how sad is it that we’re happy when it’s 84?!), but I can definitely tell that my body temperature is elevated because I am hot all the time.  And I can’t stand being hot, it’s miserable.  I’d much rather be cold.  Then after the summer, B starts preschool.  OMG, I’m trying not to freak out about that.  He’s been with me nearly 24-7 since he was born.

Anyway.  I just want M to be here soooo much!  (Although of course I’d much rather she not come until she’s full term, so I’m cool with the wait!)  Sometimes when I can feel her little body parts in there it aches how badly I wish I could see it and hold her and meet her.  Gah, I’m tearing up now.

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