23-24 Weeks

Things going on in there: The last few weeks the lungs are developing more, brain is developing more quickly, taste buds are developing more, and she’s getting used to the sounds she can hear.  Maybe she’s getting used to the sound of B blowing on my legs… sometimes when he’d do it she’d start squirming!  I don’t blame her.  It says loud stuff they get used to now probably won’t bother them after birth.  Maybe that’s why B could sleep through me vacuuming right next to him!  Or maybe just because that kid is impossible to wake up, always has been and still is.  Which should be fun when I have to wake him up for school in several more years, I can’t imagine he’ll wake up at 6am forever!

Anyway, back on topic.  I had an appointment with my CNM at 22 1/2 weeks that went well.  I was measuring a week ahead, which kind of surprised me because she feels crammed down there often.  But I also look/feel like I’m carrying a little higher than with B (yessss) so maybe not so much.  I go back on August 8th and will do the GD test then.

The last week or so I’ve been able to start occasionally feeling her actual foot.  Not just knowing it’s her foot when she kicks, but if I put my hand there I can feel her little knobby heel pushing and sliding around.  It’s so amazing to be feeling that!  I don’t know what she thinks she’s doing in there though… ice skating?

24 weeks!  That’s considered viability, and this was my next milestone.  Each week now is such a comfort to know if anything were to go wrong and she’d need to come out early her chance of surviving keeps going up.  But the next main milestone will be 28 weeks, the third trimester.  I feel like I’ve been hanging out for awhile, but it really isn’t too far off and I just can’t believe it!  This is going by so fast, which in a way is good because while I have been enjoying it I also have just been waiting for this baby for so long I am so eager for her to get here.  When I think about what’s coming up it makes me cry, and when I feel her wiggling and hiccuping away in there it makes me cry.  About a week ago she was being particularly kicky so I put my hand there to feel them and I could actually feel her little knobby heel moving back and forth across my hand!  Yeah, that made me cry too.

Even though things have sunk in, it’s just so surreal (I know I keep using that word, but I can’t think of a better one) to think about it, and to think that all of the pain and struggle in the last 3 years is done.  Not that the pain from it is gone, but I think it should be able to start healing soon, and just knowing I’m not living that pain and struggle every single day anymore is unable to be put into words.  I have in fact thought it feels underwhelming to come to that conclusion, and it makes me feel bad.  But I do have surges of such happiness (as mentioned above, which makes me cry, who would thunk it?), but I guess it’s like I’m not surprised?  I guess I feel that way because I always knew God would answer my prayers when it was the right time, and I had faith in that?


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