With B any nesting-type-urges I had happened earlier, like in the 20s weeks, and then nothing after that really.  That’s what’s been going on this time too so far, and I had to waste several weeks of motivation to get stuff done because there was nothing I could do at the time!  Except buy some stuff, which helps for sure.  But anyway, a ton of stuff was able to be cleared out of the room that will be baby’s with the garage sale this past weekend, and so now the rest of the clearing out up there can continue, amongst other room-preparation activities.

On Monday I cleaned practically the whole house (after walking around in 90 degrees at the county fair), which certainly frees up some time for the rest of the week.  I didn’t get a chance to sit down really until 5pm, and my lower back and pelvis were so sore!  Then yesterday I got some room stuff spray-painted (mirror frame and a wooden “M” that B insisted on getting at Goodwill), made the M pillow that I’ve been planning on for years (it’s far from perfect, but I have plans on how to fix its imperfections… turns out making letter pillows is more complicated than you’d think), and sewed two pair of fleece longies.  I made newborn sized ones, but they look so dang tiny I made some small ones too.  I was even more sore yesterday evening.  The entire bottom half of my legs felt swollen and achey and tingly (whether or not any swelling had actually occured was hard to tell, but I still sat with my feet up after that).

Today I wanted to start clearing out the room upstairs as much as possible so that I could start painting today or Friday (Thursday I won’t be home really).  First thing this morning I did get maybe half of it done that I wanted to do, but then I realized I am SO TIRED.  My legs hurt and my back hurts and all I want to do today is lay on the couch and sleep or watch TV and eat food I don’t have to make, but we are very sparse on food today because I plan to shop tomorrow.  And I’m extra hungry the last two days too, M must be going through a growth spurt or something.  I have to go put some dang chicken in the crock-pot after I type this and I don’t even want to do that.  So I am taking a day of rest.  Got the garden watered and let B ride his bike in the driveway a little bit, so we’re good.  I’m not turning the A/C off either, I don’t even care, I’m hot all the time.  By Friday I would hope my energy will be back so the nesting can continue!  I want to get as much done as I can while I have the motivation and it’s physically easier.  I can’t wait to get the nursery set up!  Need to make a post about my plans for it.  Later.  I’m too tired now. 😛

Oh, I also have been itching to start on my birth plan, but I am making myself wait until the third trimester.  I have some articles and resources bookmarked for then, and not like it’s not really all in my head anyway!  But dang, speaking of that, I also will need to be getting my relaxing music together!  (I still say that I should somehow get videos of Bob Ross painting to watch, isn’t anything more relaxing than that.  Ha!)


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