Baby Room!

Turns out lunch revived me some, so I did do this post. 🙂

I have been forming my plan for a girl’s room for like 2+ years, but it has been lots of fun coming up with all the little details now!  Pinterest is very helpful. 🙂  I know decorating a room is at the very bottom of the baby necessity list (since it’s not a necessity!), but dude, I want to have fun too.  I’ve waited so long.  So here are my plans!

The idea I’ve had in mind is for a bright and colorful room with some birds and flowers in there (I like birds and flowers!).  Sky blue walls and then pink and red for the main accent colors, and also green and yellow in there.  This is an approximate color palette:

We got paint on Sunday, and ended up getting a lighter color than I’d orignally had in mind.  B’s room is a medium blue (his choice, I’m not a huge fan), and since the rooms go into each other my husband thought we should get an even lighter blue.  I’m glad we did though, I think it will be really nice.  It’s this color:  The trim in the room will be white.  I did baseboards a long time ago with extra white paint before we got the carpet put in, but I need to finish up the door and window trim.

I want to get or make plain pink curtains and then sew red ric-rac onto the bottom, like so:

And if possible I’m going to use my quilt fabric scraps and make bunting with bias tape and put that across the top of the curtains or hang on the wall somewhere.

I’ve had in mind forever to make an M pillow with pink polka-dot fabric to hang on the wall above the crib with ribbon.  So I have that made, (uppercase, with serifs!), about 12″ x 12″, and with this fabric:

Don’t have the ribbon yet.  It’ll be pink, red, or blue I think.

Then I have little real plan for various décor, but was proud of myself for being all decoration-able when I was at Goodwill and I got a small (maybe 6″ x 16″) framed mirror and a small wooden M (which B liked and wanted to get and paint himself).  I spray painted the mirror frame a medium pink and B helped me spray paint the M red.  I’ll set them both by each other on top of the dresser.  I also have a mason jar to put some fake flowers in (which I have yet to buy) and also hope to find a birdy knick-knack.  I plan to make one of those word-art-y prints with her name, birthdate, etc. on it after she’s born (want to make one for B too!), and then I also have wanted for a long time to get this folksy print from Etsy and frame it and hang it on the wall:

As for bedding, I’ve been planning forever to make a patchwork baby quilt, but I got ideas off Pinterest to make it with different fabrics/textures.  So far I have these cotton fabrics:

Well those look tiny.  But those and then I thought I’d get some light blue flannel and some pink minky.  The backing will be cotton or flannel, probably pink, and then not sure on the trim yet.  For sheets I already have a plain blue one but would like a pink one too, and then I doubt I’ll make a crib skirt ever because I don’t feel like it.  If I get a bumper it will be green and one of those breathable ones so I don’t have to worry about taking it off and moving it and that sort of stuff.

What’s left?  Furniture.  We have a medium-wood (not sure what kind of wood it is, not one I can immediately identify) antique dresser that I really like.  Kind of mission-style-y.  Then I want this crib from Target:

The crib will be in our room for quite awhile, front left off and scooted up to our bed to work like a cosleeper.  She’ll be in our room until she’s down to waking up only 0-1 times a night because no way I’m going upstairs a bunch!  B didn’t sleep through the night until I night-weaned at 13 1/2 months, so yeah, could be awhile.  Also furniture-wise we need some sort of shelf, so I think my Grandpa is making one, just a book-case-y type thing.  And then I saw on Pinterest to get a wire wastebasket, spray paint it (I’d do red), and turn it upside down for a little end-table.  Want to do that too!

Woo I think that’s all I have for now!  I’ll post pictures of the actual room as stuff starts happening.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Peg
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 21:55:55

    I like your ideas! It’s going to look really bright and cheerful when you are all done! 🙂


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