21-22 Weeks

For 21 weeks Babycenter says that now I may start feeling stronger kicks instead of flutters, and I may start noticing a pattern with movement.  HA.  I suppose they stay conservative so people who don’t feel much don’t worry.  But anyway, she’s definitely kicking harder these days.  At 19 1/2 weeks was when I first felt her kick from the outside, and within the next day or two my husband got to feel her for the first time too!  It was a record, with B it took a good 2 weeks for him to cooperate after I had initially felt him from the outside!  And just before 21 weeks I was able to start seeing her kicks from the outside too.  Mostly because she’d been on her stomach for about a week where everything was really low, but then she moved and was kicking by my belly button.  Easier to see!  She likes facing that way though, and she’s very thumpy in there some days, I’m not sure what’s going on.  Feels like hiccups maybe, but I don’t know if they can get hiccups yet?  Or maybe she’s pushing off the bottom and pushing her back against the placenta?  It’s just so cool to feel so much more movement since the placenta is on top!  With it being in the front with my son I didn’t feel as much movement ever.

So also at 21 weeks she was carrot-length-sized (as B called her, “Carrot Baby”), and now has eyebrows and eyelids (didn’t she already have eyelids?).   At 22 weeks she’s a spaghetti squash length.  The pancreas is starting to develop, eyebrows, eyelids, and lips are getting more detail and definition, and her irises are formed but don’t have any pigment.  I think they’ll be brown.  We shall see.

Ouch, the muscles around my belly button are starting to hurt a lot.  Last time I remember it hurting so badly sometimes even my shirt touching there made it hurt worse.  But it makes me feel good to know that means she’s growing.

I’m starting to be able to let this sink in now.  After finding out we’re having a girl I’ve bought a few clothes and such (will have to mostly wait until fall stuff comes out on that) and she has a name. 🙂  And I’m getting started on the room, although I need to get the room cleared of junk first which will happen next weekend when we have a garage sale.  I’ll be sure to make a post about my room ideas!  They’ve only been in my head for like 2 years.

Can’t believe I’m to 22 weeks already.  24 weeks is my next milestone because that’s considered viability.  Then after that the chance of a preemie being normal goes up 10% each week, so it’s an increasing comfort each week after that to know in case anything were to suddenly happen.


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