It’s a…


First I will start off by saying I totally thought I’d posted this, got on to start on my post for tomorrow and saw this was still listed as a draft!  I think everyone knows now anyway. 😛  So yes, we were shocked and there was crying!  The ultrasound went well from what I could see.  She’s still measuring smack on where she should, so I’m going to think she’ll be another very averagely sized baby, which is fine with me because I’m very afraid of having another baby come out posterior and I know an averagely sized baby will fit at least.  But it makes me feel better too that the placenta is on the top!  It was anterior with my son and I think that contributed to him not being able to turn the right direction on the way out.

She had her legs curled up and her feet crossed, and we even got to see her tongue moving and mouth opening as she swallowed!  Mmm, amniotic fluid.  There was also a really cool shot he got (yes, a male tech, never seen one before!) of her face and as she moved a little you could see details on it, like the shape of her nose and stuff.  Of course he wasn’t the best photographer and didn’t get a picture!  But here’s a super cute profile picture!  (I think her nose looks just like the way my son’s does (which is like my husband’s).  Of course we don’t have any profile ultrasound pictures of him to compare. :/)

I had preferred a girl right now, but was fine either way because clearly this is the baby God has been waiting to give to us, and whoever that is has to be perfect.  But I still was in shock for a few days that it actually is a girl!  There are no girls around here, it’s going to be different!  It’s funny because I remember with my son I was like, “I don’t know what to do with a boy because I’m a girl!” and now I’m all like, “I don’t know what to do with a girl because I’m used to a boy!”  It’s been almost 2 weeks I think since we found out (seriously, I could’ve sworn I’d posted this!) and it’s all sunk in now and has really helped me be able to bond and feel in a good place with less worrying and such.

OMG, buy ALL the things!  (And I have certainly bought some things too by now!) 😀


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