15-16 Weeks

I only was doing the weekly posts really to feel more step-by-step through the first trimester.  I started feeling they were getting a little pointless and annoying being so frequent, so I’ll stick to every other week now!  Nothing much changed in the last two weeks until more recently.  This last week I finally start feeling more like I’m out of the first trimester.  Like I still feel some ickiness in the evenings and sporadically here and there, but it’s getting noticeably less.  Except for a few random days where I felt gaggy all day and puked up everything I had managed to eat in the evening.  And then even awesomer is my energy seems to finally be coming back!  I haven’t been requiring a nap every day and I am tired, but can still function in the evening.  Baby also had a growth spurt or something earlier this last week because for like 3 days straight I had major round ligament pain and crampy feelings in my lower ab muscles (was even sore to touch).  One day I just didn’t do anything because I’d get sharp pains whenever I stood up and tried to move.  I remember this point being when that stuff started when I was pg with my son (although this time I’ve had plenty of ligament pain since 4 weeks).  Hopefully also means my uterus is moving forward more!  The day they stopped I think baby was sleepy too.  I am feeling a few kicks/movements a day consistently, but some days it’s more than others and of course when it’s less I worry!  Le sigh.

Fifteen weeks baby was apple sized (about 4″ long from crown to rump), and could start sensing light and began developing taste buds.  This week baby is the size of an avocado (about 4 1/2″ long).  Apparently in the next few weeks they grow a lot and double weight and size again.  Neat.  Legs are more developed (yeah, that’s why I’m feeling more thumpy kicks vs. bubbly kicks), head is more erect, patterning of scalp/hair is beginning to develop, and toenails are growing.

Oh yeah, so my next appointment was supposed to be June 1st, but I had to reschedule it and the soonest they could get me in was June 11th.  Boo.  I’m on the waiting list so hopefully there will be an earlier cancellation.  I also found out that they don’t do the anatomy scan until 20 weeks now (with my son they did it at 17 weeks 3 days).  Blast!  Longer to wait.


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