NT Scan

It went great!  While I was in the waiting room I had to pee sooooo bad it hurt (they make you drink lots of water then hold it for an hour, you know), and then the baby started fluttering at my bladder!  Ha, little turkey.  Then it took the tech 40 minutes to get all the measurements she needed because the baby was so wiggly and uncooperative!  He/she was kicking (I felt one of them!), moving arms around, doing sit ups, turning over, moving head back and forth, arching back, and when just chilling was still in not a good position!  Tech said part of it was because of how my uterus is still tipped too.  All the parts and organs looked great, baby measured spot on still, and heart rate was 150bpm.  I won’t get the actual nuchal results for who knows how long, maybe not until my next appt. June 1st.  But I’m not worried about them.

Here’re some pictures, and they’re all on Facebook now too so it’s “official!”

Oh, and also the baby had legs crossed so the tech said we couldn’t take a guess what was between even if we wanted.  (It’s better that way, now my husband can be there to find out at the anatomy scan next month.)  But while she was looking at the bladder and kidneys if I had to guess I’d say girl, but I might see what I want to see.  lol

OMG, I finally feel like I’m having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chastity Watson
    May 13, 2012 @ 06:04:50

    I am so over the moon happy for you Shannon! As far as the gender goes, we’ve found out at about that point with two of our girls- Kady and Kamryn and also with Jacob, and it was very obvious :-). So it may be way more then you just seeing what you want to see ;-). Prayers for a continued smooth and healthy pregnancy ❤


    • Shan
      May 13, 2012 @ 17:44:37

      Thank you! I know I’ve heard of others having found out around 14 weeks, or at least given a likely guess, but it wasn’t like she said it was a clear shot and couldn’t tell. I’m trying not to assume one or the other before we know for sure. 🙂


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