12 Weeks

This week the baby is lime sized!  Just over 2″ long… no wonder I could feel them growth-spurting this last week.  Reflexes start this week, so baby will open and close hands, curl toes, clench eyes, and make sucking motions.  The intestines are beginning to move back into the abdomen out of the umbilical cord, and kidneys will begin excreting urine into the bladder.  (For them to pee out and become amniotic fluid, which they swallow.  Ha.)  The parts of their face are all there and in place, and their brain is developing rapidly.

This is another big milestone… I can’t believe it, really.  I still feel totally shocked that this is actually happening, and am still kind of afraid to believe it.  Mostly still just waiting, also because nothing baby-having-related I can start doing yet anyway.  But I’m trying to let myself believe this and think ahead, and I’m slowly starting to “get it.”  I have a regular ol’ appt. this coming Friday and am a little nervous she won’t be able to hear the heartbeat yet.  If not, then I’m demanding an ultrasound, not that there’d be any argument there.  The NT scan isn’t until the following week.

There have been a few occasions I may have felt some flutters while laying in bed.  Or maybe it was my pulse followed by my imagination.  I really am not sure what I’m feeling for because with B I was never sure I felt flutters.  I remember once at 14 weeks being pretty sure I did, but that was it, then he just started kicking me at 17 weeks on the dot.  (Makes sense if you know him… there is nothing fluttery about him!)  Oh man, but the getting choked up about ridiculous stuff that doesn’t deserve to get choked-up over is highly entertaining.  As are many of the vivid, crazy dreams I have all night every night.  Like last night one of them involved a field full of strawberry trees.  But in the dream apparently it was normal for strawberries to grow on trees.  When I was pregnant with B I had a dream that I had a staring contest with a moose, that one’s my favorite.

One last thing I’m going to admit, I am starting to get a sense for who this baby is.  I think.  Unlike with B (was right on all accounts with him), I am not putting a lot of stock into it.  I have for quite a long time felt/seen in my mind who our next kid would be, and that’s it.  A bright, energetic, particular girl with brown eyes.  Pretty sure I know her name too.  So we’ll see if I’m right this time.  (On the other hand, I finally had a brilliant idea for what I’d do for a boy’s room, and I’m excited about it.)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. weavert7
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:15:41

    With Dominic I felt my first flutters at 12 weeks and 3 days 🙂 And after that I kept feeling them on and off and they just got stronger as the weeks went by, so I am sure what you are feeling is little kicks :)) They say you feel it way sooner the second time around. Its so exciting!!!


  2. Pygmypuff987
    May 04, 2012 @ 11:37:26

    So thrilled for you!!


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