10 Weeks

This week baby is the size of a kumquat (a little over an inch long).  All of the critical developments have happened, and now the tissues and organs just need to grow and mature.  Kumquat is swallowing fluid now and moving and kicking all around, and the limbs can now bend at all joints.  The kidneys, brain, intestines, and liver are all functioning, and the yolk sac is disappearing and baby’s body is producing its own red blood cells.  Fingers and toes are no longer webbed, tiny nails are starting to appear on them, and the little baby peach fuzzy stuff is starting to grow on the skin.

I know I keep saying maybe soon I can start relaxing, but it’s not entirely happening yet!  At least to any greater degree than it’s already been able to happen.  It’s okay, I’m just waiting through this time still.  One good thing lately is my back has been hurting a lot more during the day, not just when laying down at night.  So that should mean baby is growing away well in there.  And I still have all the consistent symptoms going on too, although some of them could start letting up any day I suppose.

Oh hey, and today is my last day on Prometrium!  I think I’ll take it another day or two just to be safe though.

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