9 Weeks

This week baby is almost an inch long, about the size of a grape.  Grapey has all essential body parts accounted for, although they still have a ways to develop.  Heart now has four chambers and teeth are beginning to form (already?  How crazy is that?!).  All facial features are more distinct, and external sex organs are there (not necessarily feeling like it’s a boy anymore… hmm).  Also now the placenta is able to produce the progesterone.  (So in one week I can stop my Prometrium and it will be no more All Prometrium, All the Time!)

Not much to say since I covered all the interesting stuff on Thursday.  I haven’t been puking every morning since those two, but I had a few pretty rough days where it took a lot of willpower to not be throwing up all day earlier in the week.  Counting down the days until I can enjoy eating again.

It’s hard to believe I’m at 9 weeks and things are going well.  9 weeks 1 day was when I had the ultrasound and found out Michael had no more heartbeat.  Symptoms had stopped several days before that.  So really, I’m past that point even though I think I need the week to start with 10 to officially think that.

Happy Easter, Baby!


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