8 Weeks

This week baby is the size of a kidney bean.  (See, how is that bigger than a blueberry?)  Anyway, (s)he has little webbed fingers and toes, a breathing tube that goes from throat to where lungs are developing, neural pathways are forming, no more “tail,” and baby is moving and shifting around.

Things still seem to be going well!  Was having more stretchy ligament stuff going on this week too, which makes me feel better.  You can tell I have more blood because you can see like all of my veins, so also very good!  I’m trying to remember when the hardly any food sounding good stopped.  I think maybe 9-10 weeks?  Becuase then I stopped feeling nauseous much, but then would just puke every morning before going to class until like 14-15 weeks.  But I really can’t remember.  Also I think I’m nearly down to the worrying just a normal amount now.  Almost.  But one thing going on is that I’m in shock that this is happening.  It’s so hard to believe that what I’ve been living with the last 3 years is over.  Takes some getting used to, and every now and then I’ll let myself feel a surge of joy I can’t possibly describe that this is real.  I’m sure I’ll never be able to totally be without that pain, at least not anytime soon, but not being in the situation and having happiness finally helps.

I have my first appointment with a midwife this coming Thursday.  It’s a new one I haven’t seen before, so if I like her I’ll keep her, otherwise I am going to schedule my next appointment with the one who delivered my son.  I never saw her for prenatal stuff, but I liked her and trust her judgement–she almost sent me for an emergency c-section three times, but didn’t, and things turned out okay.  I don’t think I have any control over which midwife delivers anyway, it’s just whoever is on call at the time.  I’m getting really eager to work on a birth plan more than what I’ve formed in my head over the last 3 years, but yet another thing I must wait to do!


ETA: Definitely puked this morning (1/2) like I mentioned above.  Wonder if it was an anomaly or it has already begun? 🙂

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