7 Weeks

This week baby is about the size of a blueberry (half an inch long, it says… that’s a pretty tiny blueberry, but then again, I live in Blueberry World.)  Hands and feet are forming on the arm and leg buds, eyes have some color but are covered by eyelids, tip of nose is there, brain has two hemispheres, liver is creating red blood cells until marrow can, has an appendix and pancreas, and part of the intestines are beginning to form the umbilical cord.

Well, the big news for this last week happened on Friday (see last post).  Not much else to say.  Nausea is more consistent, although some days are still worse than others, and in general it’s worse.  Finding things that sound edible is a often major chore (UGH grocery lists and grocery shopping), so I know I just have to survive for another month and a half before that should start letting up.  It would be much easier if 1. We had two cars, or 2. The store was not 20 minutes away.  So when I’m sitting there and think, “Oh, I want to eat cappucino pie [or insert other random food here]!” I could just go get it.

Ginger tea is my friend often in the evenings.








I still find myself worrying about a chromosomal problem, even though I didn’t think I’d have trouble with that.  I guess this worrying probably won’t really go away until I can feel the baby moving and such.  I just have to keep on trucking through this first trimester.


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  1. Tabatha
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 07:42:14

    I loved to read weekly what the baby is doing growing wise, when I was pregnant. Its so amazing. I also drank a lot of tea for nausea. It helped a ton!! Im so glad everything is going great!


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