6 Weeks

This week baby is the size of a lentil.  Lentil’s nose, mouth, and ears are starting to develop.  So are intestines, lungs, brain and pituitary gland, bones, and muscles, and blood is starting to go through his/her body.

(Actually I currently have the feeling it’s a him, and even the name I think will fit him best.  To be honest, we all hope it’s a girl, but I certainly wasn’t wrong about any feelings I had with my son, down to how he looked and his personality, so we’ll see.  I still have plenty of time for feelings to change anyway.)

This last week has been quite the rollercoaster of positivity.  I’d have days where I’d start worrying because I didn’t think I had enough nausea (but plenty of random gagging, which I guess is the thing this time, and several times it was very close to actual puking).  Then the next day I’d have a bit more and feel better.  If only I could be nauseous all the time, then I’d be happy!  The past few days it seems I’m having more lengthier bouts of straight nausea, a little more of a pattern is developing with it, and I’m really starting to not want to eat anything because it just doesn’t sound good.  That’s all right on track, I remember with my good pgs 6 weeks was when things got a bit worse.  One night earlier in the week I had ligament pains so bad it felt like when you had growing pains in your shins, but in my pelvis.  That or a horse kicked me in the pubic bone.  But nothing but little twinges here and there since then, and then my lower back hurting of course.

The main thing I’m trying to stay positive about is that symptoms have been consistent, and if it was another blighted ovum then symptoms would always start going away at 5 weeks, which they have not.  Ultrasound is this coming Friday, so I will finally get to know if I might actually be having a baby or not.  Starting to feel nervous already.  (And Thursday I go in to fill out papers and tell them my medical history, even though I’ve already done it like four times in the last four years.)

ETA: Okay, I need to stay away from highly seasoned things.  I like to cook new and interesting recipes, but I’m just going to have to stick with basics here for a bit because I just made some roasted sausage, potatoes, carrots, onions, and fennel with Italian seasoning and Balsamic vinegar, and ohhh not good.  The fennel and garlic and onion smell is particularly offensive right now.  Had the same issue yesterday with something with too many flavors going on.  Nauseating.  This is a very good thing, but I need to be able to eat, so kind of been hard the last few days because I have no car to go get more food.  I’ve been choking down grapes and pretzles all day instead.


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