5 Weeks

I already knew I was out of the super early miscarriage threat, which was a new fear that last time made me be able to start having, which now leaves my main fear to be another blighted ovum (I’ve had 3).  Five weeks was always when my symptoms would basically disappear, so this is sort of a milestone to get through.  The last few days I’ve been sort of back and forth on feeling really nervous with that horrible fear I’ll lose this baby too, and being able to stay positive.  I had been doing quite well at that until this point really, and I know it’s just the time.  Nothing to do but wait.

So symptom recap of this past week:
Around 4 weeks I started being so tired I could barely stay up past 8:00.  Then over the next few days I started having pubic bone pain (from stretching ligaments) pretty majorly, which is something I’ve never had before.  After a few days my side round ligaments started hurting some too, and especially since last night I’m starting to feel the pain/pressure in my sacrum from my uterus pressing against it (retroflexed uterus, so it hangs out back there until about the end of the first tri).  I still haven’t really had any major food or smell aversions yet, just sometimes won’t feel like eating much even though I’m starving all the time.  Still mostly just feeling icky here and there and gagging, but I think it’s generally been more frequent than earlier in the week.  Oh, and tearing up at lame things is beginning a bit.  Earlier this week I almost cried at Shrek.  Pff.

I actually don’t remember ever having as much cramping and stretching pain as I was earlier this week, although it’s a bit less now because I’m getting used to it.  Score one for there being two?  (Although I kind of don’t think there are, but who knows.)  Won’t know until the ultrasound, which will be Friday the 23rd.  I’m just pretending there are two because if I go around thinking about and praying about one baby but there end up being two, I’ll feel bad for having left one out!

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  1. Tabatha
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 10:31:28

    I had way more stretching/cramping/pain with Dominic then Eli, which to me is weird because the second time around the ligaments have already been stretched due to Eli. It was so bad in the beginning for a good week, like your experiencing, that it kind of scared me. So glad you are having all your symptoms! Cant wait to hear if there are 1 or 2 in there!!


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