4 Weeks

I think I’ll plan to do a weekly check-in update sort of thing for the next hopefully uneventful 36ish weeks.

It’s been three very long days since I got saw that first little pink line.  On Saturday I took another test that was quite a bit darker, so that made me feel good that my hcg is going up nicely.  (Because feeling tired and icky half the day and hungry all the time doesn’t completely do it.)  I remember feeling like this mostly for the first few weeks with my son (with Michael it was a little worse, it seemed), not specifically repulsed by food and smells, but just sort of queasy and blah feeling and nothing sounds good.  And when something does sound good, it stops being good halfway through eating it and I cant’ eat it anymore.  And then being hungry all the time but sometimes not wanting to eat anything at the same time.  All very good things to be feeling that make me very happy!  And try not to worry if one day isn’t as bad as the last (like today so far), etc.

Had my first beta this morning and HCG was at 90.  Which is about average for this point, and nurse said it was good.  It seemed implantation happened a bit later than normal too.  I just wish it had been outstanding so that I could feel more reassured already.  I’ll try to put everything out of my head the next few days.  Wednesday’s beta is the most important one, to see if it’s doubling like it should.  Praying for me to get through these few days without dying of anxiety, and for really good results on Wednesday.


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  1. Sarah R.
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 11:50:47

    prayers, prayer and more prayers.


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