Not a step in this process I’m not used to, it’s just extra hard this time!  I had no idea what to expect symptoms-wise.  Would they implant right away or not for several days on a more natural timeline?  On Thursday night I started getting persistent non-sore-from-being-stabbed cramps and Friday involved plenty of mild symptoms, including nausea and food aversion type stuff.  All things that high progesterone could cause, but I was only 4 days past “ovulation” and wouldn’t have expected those things to start until at least 7 days after.  I decided to start taking tests every day just for something to do.  Friday’s was a faint positive, which I assumed was still the trigger shot, and then Saturday’s was negative, so no more trigger in my system.  Any line I see from here on out I can believe.

Of course after that negative my brain cut way back on the enhancing progesterone symptoms (which these must already be).  They’re still hanging around though, and I’ve started feeling pessimistic.  However, I keep telling myself that of course they shouldn’t implant until a normal time, they’ll just chill out in there until then.  That makes more sense anyway.  So I didn’t test today, I’ll start again tomorrow which will be 5 days post transfer, equivalent of 7 days past ovulation.  I’m at least glad those cramps keep coming and going, those are my main indicator of anything going on in there ever.

As for how I’m feeling, I’m good now.  I was still quite sore the day of the ET (Dr. even commented how one of my ovaries was still really swollen)… yeah well I also forgot to take my methylpred until Tuesday night, probably could’ve saved myself some pain there.  I only get sore now if I get up and stand/walk/do stuff for more than a few minutes at a time.  Like I just cooked food after folding laundry and feel like I need to sit awhile.  But I can cough or laugh and it doesn’t hurt down in there very much anymore, so that’s good.


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  1. crystal theresa
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 22:34:36

    glad you’re feeling better physically, but imagine the waiting is just even more nerve-wracking this time around. thinking good thoughts for you, hon.


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