Follie Update

I started stims last Wednesday, so tonight will be my sixth day of them.  (Of course I keep bruising myself and I’m quickly running out of places to stab myself!)  I’ve been kept on the same dose so far, and not sure if I’m changing yet… waiting on a phone call about that.  Anyway, things are looking good so far!  My first ultrasound after 2 days showed 18 follicles measuring 8 and under.  I was surprised there were that many already.  Then today, after 5 days, I have 7-8 measuring 8-13 and 20 measuring below 8.  Dang, that’s a lot of follies!  I can certainly feel them, although it’s not too painful yet.  I know it’s coming though.  I’m prepared with Tylenol and a heating pad.

ETA: Pretty much as soon as I posted this the phone rang.  So I’ll stick with 75IU Menopur for the next 3 days, but tonight will drop my Gonal-F down from 225IU to 112IU, then the next 2 days do 75IU.  Fun with reconfiguring how much saline to mix.  Good thing I have a chart.  I’ll go back in on Thursday.

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