Today Was a Good Day After All

Back at my last appointment I vaguelly heard from the nurse that Lupron could delay your period, but I didn’t think it could’ve been by too much, and I didn’t think it would actually happen.  Of course it did, and it’s been a week now.  Last night I was feeling really worried that at my appointment this morning I’d find out that it would take too long to correct whatever my body is doing and we wouldn’t be able to do IVF.  I ended up feeling totally in despair and bawling on the bathroom floor at like 11pm because I felt like such a huge worthless failure.  I can’t have a baby and now I can’t even get my period so I can start IVF, my best chance at having a baby.  God showed up after a bit and gave me courage to face whatever I’d find out this morning.

And He also made things awesome.  At my appointment not only did I find out that I don’t have any too-big-cysts, but I also have like no lining (5.9)… so I can start my IVF cycle without having them induce a period (so I also get to skip that fun).  Yessss.  OH, I am SO relieved!  And better yet, I left there being told I will probably start stims Thursday or Saturday (I’ve waited over a week, I don’t want to wait that much longer!), but turned out my RE wants me to start on Wednesday!  That’s soon!

Next Step of the Plan:
Tonight I will drop my Lupron dose from .2cc to .05cc, and then on Wednesday I will start doing 225IU Gonal F mixed with 75IU Menopur (while still doing the .05cc Lupron).  I’ll go in on Friday morning for an ultrasound and bloodwork.  It won’t be until next week I’ll start having any idea of how many follicles we’ll be dealing with.  We want to fertilize 12-14, which is what my RE suggested.

This puts the tentative embryo transfer date at February 22nd.  It would’ve been cool to do it on Valentine’s Day, but alas.  Whatever, I’m so excited!

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